About us


Since we launched our company in 1995, we've been providing exceptional customer service all through the entire Lower Mainland. From the start of our carpet cleaning service, we have accumulated and held on to the loyalty and satisfaction of a large number of clients throughout the region. Professional carpet cleaning is essential in the goal of properly prolonging the life of your carpeting, in addition to keeping you and your loved ones safe from the health risks and allergy complications that inadequately maintained carpeting can pose. Regardless of what devices you purchase on the market, they're not going to be able to clean your carpet to the proper standards of a professional service, and may even add to the potential for persistent respiratory issues. We are extremely dedicated to the responsibility of supplying you with the very best quality of service you can findat a cost that will not break your budget. Each and every one of our technicians are fully trained to provide you with an outstanding degree of customer service that is second to none, through our application of thoroughness and courtesy that will guarantee your total satisfaction.